‘Catching the Lakers’ – How the NBA is using the sport of esports to build its brand

‘Catching the Lakers’ – How the NBA is using the sport of esports to build its brand

The NBA is taking an unprecedented approach to the growth of its esports league, and it’s all in the name of “staying relevant”.

“We’re really embracing this new technology that’s in the game today,” league executive vice president David Falk told Sports Business Journal.

“We know that people who are watching games, watching the highlights, the stats, the analytics and the video analysis are really engaged in this sport.”

The league’s esports initiative, dubbed “Catching The Lakers”, was launched in January after it was revealed that the NBA’s players’ union had secretly filmed a season-opening game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs.

The video was then leaked to the internet, sparking outrage and accusations of bias.

The NBA was forced to pull the footage from its websites after the NBA, which owns and broadcasts the NBA and is owned by a separate group of companies, admitted it was being used for commercial purposes.

“Catch The Lakers” is a partnership between the NBA.com and the league’s social media accounts.

It allows fans to tag teams, teams’ players and NBA players’ teams, and to share their views on the sport.

It’s aimed at encouraging fans to watch the games and follow the players on social media.

It has also seen an increase in the number of social media posts and mentions of the league.

The league’s first two seasons have seen over 8 million followers, with the team of Laker fans most active.

Falk said the league was hoping to capture the excitement of a basketball game, and was also trying to reach the millennial audience.

“This is not just about sports,” Falk said.

“This is about social media, and this is about engaging the youth of this country.”

He said the NBA was not trying to compete with any of the other sports in the league, but to be relevant to the audience it was trying to attract.

While the league is still trying to figure out how it can use the technology, it is already experimenting with ways to give fans more ways to interact.

The first time the league used social media was in the first season of the esports season, when it was asked to make a video to promote the NBA in the Philippines, where the NBA had a team.

Falk said it would be great to use this opportunity to create more interest in the sport, and expand the league in the future.

 “We know this is a new business,” he said.

As for how it’s going to get its games broadcast on television, Falk said it’s still “not set in stone”.

“We’re not sure how we’re going to use our own platform to reach our fans,” he told Sport Business Journal in an interview.

“But we’re definitely not going to be using it exclusively on the broadcast network.

“Catching” is the first esports video to be featured in a sports show.”

Our goal is to reach audiences, and hopefully to do it in a way that’s more compelling and entertaining.”

“Catching” is the first esports video to be featured in a sports show.

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