Drilling Team Rocket: Drilling for a Big 10 Championship

Drilling Team Rocket: Drilling for a Big 10 Championship

The Texas A&M Aggies and Texas Tech Red Raiders have been joined by Texas Tech as the only teams to field a drill team in the Big 10 conference.

The Aggies will have two players from the drill team, who will be named later this week, with the first-team player, defensive end J.C. Wilson, named a senior on Saturday.

Wilson’s name is being kept under wraps for now, as he is still nursing a knee injury suffered in November, but the team said he is expected to play for the Aggies in the fall.

The Red Raiders are the only team to field its own drill team.

The Drill Team of the Big Ten, a league that began in the 1990s, consists of four teams from each conference.

The league has two conferences, the Big 12 and the Big East, with eight teams each.

The Big Ten has the Big South, the Southwest, and the East, while the Big Eight has the Midwest, Northeast, and South.

The AAC has two teams, a Mountain West team and a Atlantic Coast Conference team.

“I am very excited to join the Drill Team and to have a chance to work with such an awesome and respected program as Texas Tech,” Wilson said.

“I look forward to sharing my experiences as part of the Drill team with them and the Aggie family, as well as a chance for the Drill to help us prepare for our next home game.”

Wilson said he expects to play in three games, but he is hoping to make the team after the season and get some practice time.

“Coach (Terry) Bowden has been an awesome mentor and great teammate,” Wilson added.

“He has helped me tremendously in my journey of becoming a better player and a better person.

I know I can help the Drill get better as well.”

The Drill team, which will be made up of a mix of recruits from the Aggieland and Tech, will be announced this week.

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