Pokemon Go players are ‘totally nuts’ about their Pokemon team builder

Pokemon Go players are ‘totally nuts’ about their Pokemon team builder

A new breed of Pokemon Go player has gone on the rampage to mock the team builder game, calling it “totally crazy”.

“Pokemon Go players really have no idea what they are doing,” one user wrote.

“They’re totally nuts.

They can’t be trusted.”

The Pokemon Go developer is also being sued by a group of users who claimed their accounts were hacked by players.

This week, a group claiming to be users of PokemonGo.com sued the game’s developers, claiming the app breached their rights of privacy, breach of contract and breach of copyright.

In a statement to the ABC, PokemonGo said it was working with the Australian Federal Police to investigate claims of a breach of its privacy and breach in copyright.

“We have made every effort to make sure that our account system is safe and secure and we will respond to all claims of breach of privacy and/or breach of legal rights,” the company said.


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