Jordan sneakers get their first ever gold medal at the Olympic Games

Jordan sneakers get their first ever gold medal at the Olympic Games

A new pair of Jordan shoes has won gold in the women’s marathon at the Rio Olympics, beating the previous best of the last five times the pair competed.

The first pair of the new Jordan shoes was first revealed by the BBC earlier this year and were shown off in the opening ceremony, but it took them until just after the start of the race to earn their first gold medal.

The women’s men’s marathon, which was won by Australian Lauren Whitten in the 50km race, was not the only race in which the pair made history.

The pair finished a disappointing fourth, behind the winner of the men’s men`s 100km race.

Whitten is the only Australian to medal in the Olympics this year, having won silver in the 100m breaststroke at the 2012 London Games.

The second pair of shoes, which also featured on the BBC`s coverage of the women`s marathon, earned bronze at the women�s 100m hurdles at the London Games, but are yet to earn a medal.

Jordan’s previous golds were at the 2010 World Championships and the 2012 Beijing Olympics.

The shoes, made by Jordan, were unveiled by Jordan in July 2016.

Jordan has not made any further major changes to the brand since winning its first Olympic medal in London in 2008.

The company was set up in 2003 to produce footwear for the sportswear industry, with its primary products being the Nike Air Jordan 1, which the company has now become synonymous with.

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