How to Play Skylanders Trap Team on Xbox 360

How to Play Skylanders Trap Team on Xbox 360

I’m a little excited to be playing Skylanders, but there’s still some work to be done.

You have to get past the traps to progress.

In fact, I had to restart the game twice just to get to the end of a level, so I guess the game’s still a little buggy.

There are a few ways to do this.

The most straightforward one is to head to the level select screen, which appears when you first load the game.

Tap the blue arrow on the top-right corner of the screen, and a menu will appear.

Select the game mode you want to play, then press the triangle button on the side of the console.

This will take you to the “Trap Team” screen.

On this screen, you can select the traps you want the team to use.

You can also change the team colors, the speed at which they move, and how often they spawn.

Tap and hold on any of these items to change their colors.

I went with blue because the colors of the trap team are actually blue, but you can change them to green or yellow.

You’ll need to restart if you want them to change back.

There’s also the ability to add a “Trip Team” that can be used by players on the team.

These are members of the team who are part of the “trap team” that spawn and kill other players.

They don’t have the same abilities as the team members that spawn with them.

This way, you don’t lose any of your team members in the process.

I like the idea of having “tourists” that will be able to visit new areas, and that I can use as a way to train my trap team.

For now, you only have to find one “Traveller,” and the team will spawn randomly from the first area they spawn in.

I’m sure we’ll see more “Trail” teams, which will be the ones that spawn randomly in new areas.

I have a feeling that more “trails” will be added to Skylanders later this year. 

I was able to find an online map, though.

You could play through the game without any trouble, and the levels were in great shape.

I think the game is still pretty buggy, though, so it might take some time for the game to get back to its full potential.

If you haven’t played Skylanders before, you’ll have to wait a while for this game to launch.

I know I’ve had to wait this long, but I’m so excited to get started again.

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