Google seals team, ninja team, and other Google-related products

Google seals team, ninja team, and other Google-related products

Google’s search engine has long been one of the biggest sources of revenue for the company.

Now, in an interesting move, the search engine company has announced that it has acquired a team of ninja team members who will work on some of its more Google-specific products.

The ninja team will work with Google to help design new products for the search giant, Google Vice President of Search Craig Federighi told reporters at an event in San Francisco.

The team members will work closely with Google engineers, and work with them on product development.

Federighi said the Ninja team will have the opportunity to work with the company on new products, and that it’s unclear what the final product will look like.

The company also declined to disclose the exact size of the acquisition, which it said would be “over the next few months.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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