How to keep the Indians’ fans happy in India

How to keep the Indians’ fans happy in India

Here is the trickiest part of a team’s journey to a big league.

How do you keep them happy?

There is no easy answer.

The Indians have been in the American leagues for seven years now, and they have yet to make it to the playoffs.

The first time they played in the World Series was in 2006, and the last time they were in it was in 2011.

That has left them in a tough spot.

The American teams have not been great at keeping their fans happy.

In their first four seasons in the majors, the Indians have averaged just 12.7 wins per year, with a record of 61-75.

The next-best team, the Toronto Blue Jays, have averaged 19.2 wins per season and a record to match.

But it is the Indians that have not had the most success keeping their players happy.

They’ve made the playoffs only four times in the last seven years.

In 2015, the team was a .500 team, and had lost four games in a row.

They won their next seven games and were tied with the San Francisco Giants for the AL East lead.

That’s when things got weird.

The team went on a five-game losing streak that began when the Indians fell to the Kansas City Royals, 6-3.

But that ended when the Royals won five straight games to close the gap.

The Royals, who had gone 2-4 against the Indians, beat the Toronto Orioles and Toronto Blue-Jays in a three-game series in Kansas City, and then beat the Houston Astros in six games to win the American League West.

That win was a sign of the team’s desperation.

“I think there is a sense that we’re not good enough to win,” manager Terry Francona said.

The two-year span since then has been a struggle for the Indians.

The last time the Indians made the postseason, in 2009, they were swept by the Los Angeles Angels.

They have won three games in their last five trips to the postseason.

It is the longest winning streak in the AL in franchise history.

The other two teams that made it into the playoffs are the Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers.

Franconas hopes that the Indians will find a way to find some consistency and get better.

“It’s not a matter of whether we’re going to make the playoffs,” Franconra said.

“If we don’t, we can’t make the postseason.”

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