How to plan for the NFL playoffs

How to plan for the NFL playoffs

With the NFL’s Week 16 game scheduled for Friday, we asked some of our favorite experts to help us figure out what to do in the event of a massive crash.

For starters, we’re still looking for an official crash plan for all 32 NFL teams.

We also asked the NFL Network for a crash-planner for each team.

We’ll update this story as soon as a crash plan is available.

We’ve got some fun crash-starters, like the Baltimore Ravens, who were able to get out of a bad situation without losing a game on Sunday.

If they win out, they’ll be able to go home with an NFC wild-card spot, which is a pretty nice place to be.

If their loss ends up being to the Green Bay Packers, they would be in the playoffs.

But if they win and go to the Super Bowl, they’d have a tough time.

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