Dream team for Senate candidate, says Trump tweet

Dream team for Senate candidate, says Trump tweet

President Donald Trump on Monday tweeted that he is running for Senate in Illinois, a tweet that immediately led to a flurry of speculation about who the Democrat and Republican are in the race.

The tweet came shortly after Illinois Senator Mark Kirk tweeted that Trump was considering running for the Senate in 2018.

Trump, who has a long history of feuding with Republicans, has previously criticized the GOP on social media.

He has previously said he would rather see Democrats win the Senate seat than a Republican.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Kirk said he has never met Trump and had no relationship with him.

“I do not know Mark Kirk.

I do not think he’s running for anything, nor did I know him personally,” Kirk said.

Kirk did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“It would be nice if he was running,” Kirk’s office said in a statement to TheDCNF.

“Mark is running to represent Illinois voters and is running on his record of being an exceptional public servant.”

Democrats are running for Illinois’ 11th Senate seat and they are expected to take a significant lead.

Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy has been the leading contender, and he told the Chicago Sun-Times that he’s “very excited” to be running for Congress.

“We have an opportunity to have a Senate majority for the first time since Reconstruction, a chance to bring our country together, and to build the strongest possible economy for Illinois,” Murphy said.

“I think the best thing that can happen for Illinois is that we have two Republicans and a Democrat running.”

A Kirk campaign spokesperson said the congressman is “proud” to represent the 7th Congressional District.

“Mark Kirk has been a champion for Illinois families, especially the working poor, and has shown time and again that he can get things done for the people of Illinois,” the spokesperson said in an email to The Daily Caller.

“He’s running on a record of strong economic performance and helping to make Illinois a state of economic abundance.

Mark is a true champion for middle class families, working families, and seniors, who deserve a seat at the table in Washington.”

The Democratic nominee for the 11th Congressional district, Democratic Rep.(D-Ill.) was also not immediately available for comment.

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