‘It was all a game’: Irish fans at Six Nations clash in Dublin

‘It was all a game’: Irish fans at Six Nations clash in Dublin

We sat at the foot of the stairs of the stadium in the Irish capital, Dublin.

The stadium’s main stand was packed with Irish fans, many of them in the thousands.

They were gathered for the Six Nations and a game in Dublin.

We were there for a game.

But they were all wearing the same jerseys.

The first two shirts were the jerseys of the Irish Rugby League team.

They also wore the same number.

It was all about the game.

And, at the same time, they were watching the game with a big smile on their faces.

It wasn’t the same as the moment when they had first seen the Irish rugby league team in Ireland in 1995.

There had been a lot of changes.

They had become a rugby league nation, a rugby union nation.

And it was now an international sport.

The Irish have become the world champions.

They have won the Six World Cups, they have qualified for the World Cup, they are among the top teams in the world.

They are also the most popular team in the country.

This is the reason why so many Irish fans came here to watch the Sixs.

We sat there for four days, in the hope that they would be here.

We all sat at different tables.

At one table there were a lot more Irish fans.

We got up and we started to watch.

It felt as if we were in a different place.

We saw our team from the front row of the stands.

They wore their jerseys in different colors.

There was a huge number of Irish fans who had come here for the first time.

And we sat in the same room.

We had to sit in the front of the room.

It’s like the place is like a different country.

We started to talk to each other.

It didn’t feel like home.

But I was there, I was in the stadium.

I knew them from the inside.

I could talk to them from there.

We did a lot.

It made us feel like brothers, as we are in the community.

It makes us stronger.

But it was the first night, and there was nothing we could do.

We couldn’t talk to the Irish fans or anything.

We weren’t allowed to say goodbye.

We didn’t have the same emotions.

It is like they are just a part of the crowd.

It doesn’t matter what they wear, they all know each other and their fans, and they don’t know what the situation is like at home.

We can’t talk about anything but our rugby league game.

It has nothing to do with football.

We just wanted to have a good time.

The next day we went to a game and we played our rugby game.

The whole team was there.

There were only four of us, so it was all on the field.

We took a few shots, but it was nothing serious.

It ended well.

We played some more rugby league.

We made it to the next round and lost, to the England team.

The crowd was really, really, big.

They came to the game and booed the England players.

We knew it would happen, but we couldn’t control it.

I had my head held high.

It feels good to know that everyone who came to watch our rugby team was also here for our team.

We went to the pitch and the Irish players were all there, with the jerseys.

We could see them every time.

It meant that we could all enjoy it together.

And then we went home.

The only thing I did that I can’t forget was that I saw a lot, because everyone came and saw our jersey.

It shows that we have this bond, and I can always see that on the face of our fans.

The last thing I can remember is going to the park with my friends and being able to see a lot from their perspective, as well as mine.

And this is the bond that we feel, that we share in the way we live, the way that we live our lives.

It can be very lonely, but I know that there are always a lot people here.

I know this team, this team is always going to have these people who come to watch them, who want to support them, and who know their team.

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