Microsoft Teams install microsite on web

Microsoft Teams install microsite on web

Microsoft teams installed a new microsite for Windows users that lets them quickly and easily find information about teams and their projects.

The Microsoft Teams microsite is available at Microsoft’s online portal and is free.

The new tool helps users search for team members by name, location, and job title.

Microsoft says it’s also an easy way to find a team’s portfolio, and that it’s “an innovative way to manage your team members across your organization.”

Microsoft added that Microsoft Teams is available in two formats: the free, mobile-friendly version that includes a toolbar, and a more traditional Windows 8.1-style app for the desktop.

Microsoft has also built a Windows app that will automatically create a new team profile when a user opens a team page on a web browser.

Microsoft also has another team site, the Microsoft Teams for Business, for small and medium-sized businesses.

It was released in February and features more features, including the ability to create an organization’s social media profiles, search, and more.

Microsoft Teams was one of several new features that Microsoft added to Windows 8 in May.

The company also added a new search option for the search bar at the bottom of the browser.

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