Which team’s locker room is your favorite?

Which team’s locker room is your favorite?

The Miami Dolphins’ locker room has always been a place for some of the best football, but this year it seems like everyone is taking their cues from the NFL’s newest player-owned locker room.

With a new player-ownership structure in place, it looks like the locker room will be the one to take it all in this season.

The locker room’s owner, former Dolphins great Ray Lewis, is the owner of the Dolphins and he told me during a recent interview that he hopes the lockerroom will make its mark on the league this year.

“I hope the locker rooms make their mark, and they do, and I’m just so excited for it,” Lewis said.

“We’re going to have a new locker room, a new style of locker room that’s going to be unique.

I think that’s a big thing for this league to have.”

The Dolphins will be playing in their first NFL season since 2005, which is when Lewis’ Miami Dolphins won the AFC East title with a 4-4 record.

The team has played in two other locker rooms, which were in Philadelphia in 2010 and Atlanta in 2012.

The new locker rooms are expected to be more intimate than the former ones.

“You have to go out there and make sure that everyone is there to see what you have and to see who’s in there,” Lewis told me.

The Dolphins have spent the offseason rebuilding the locker area in their new facility, which has an indoor pool, a fitness center, an indoor basketball court, a track and field area and a barber shop.

It will be a place that the players want to be part of, and it’s something that the owners have embraced.

“There’s a lot of good people in this locker room,” Lewis added.

It’s not just a locker-room, it’s an environment that has been in the locker-rooms of the league for a long time, and so I think they’ll be happy to be a part of that.””

The locker room was always an area that I’ve always had a lot to say about, and now that it’s a locker room with a new owner, I feel like it’s time to make a statement.

It’s not just a locker-room, it’s an environment that has been in the locker-rooms of the league for a long time, and so I think they’ll be happy to be a part of that.”

Lewis said that the locker locker room won’t be just for Dolphins players.

“This locker room isn’t just for players,” he said.

Instead, it will be open to everyone, and the players will be able to interact with their teammates and their teammates will be allowed to use the locker.

It could be that players can walk in and get a haircut and go out to the pool, or it could be they can go outside and get some work done, but it’s going get done in a professional environment.

The locker rooms locker room could also be used by other teams, and if Lewis has his way, he won’t mind if other teams get in on the action.

“The locker- room is not only the locker for our team, but for our players and for the entire organization,” Lewis continued.

“It’s going, and we’re going for it.

It feels great to be involved, and that’s the kind of atmosphere we’re trying to create.”

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