The weirdest team names you’re probably not going to hear in a NASCAR race

The weirdest team names you’re probably not going to hear in a NASCAR race

You’re probably never going to find the same team name on a NASCAR track.

So what exactly does it mean?

Here’s a quick rundown of the weirdest NASCAR team names and how they’re used.1.

The Oldie Oldie, a.k.a.

The Roush-Vaughn Trophy 2.

The C-Jets, a “team that’s not afraid to take risks,” 3.

The Red Bull Bandits, “a band of guys who are willing to sacrifice for the team,” and 4.

The Big Lebowski, “the one and only” in NASCAR, who were the “team of the year.”


The PGA Championship, the name of the event, was also popular, as was the nickname “Cadillac.”


The Daytona 500, named after the race’s namesake, was once named for the course and the cars.


The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series was named for an old track in Georgia.


The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, also known as the Monster Energy Championship, was named after a series of dirt tracks in the Southeast.


The WEC, NASCAR’s premier race series, is named after NASCAR’s biggest motorsport brand.10.

The Nationwide Series is named for NASCAR’s top tier of drivers.11.

The Camping World Truck Series is a team with a history of success in the stock car world.12.

The Super Late Model, a team named after its owner, was formed in 2004 by four young men in the NASCAR garage.13.

The No. 1 Motorsports Chevrolet, known for its racing history, is a brand that combines sports car racing and sports car customization.14.

The Toyota Racing Series is the name for the Toyota Racing Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.15.

The Verizon IndyCar Series, named for Verizon Indy car manufacturer, is based in Kentucky.16.

The Porsche Cup Series is an “exclusive and prestigious” championship series.17.

The Brickyard 400 is named to honor NASCAR’s “biggest sports car race” in a series that has won more than 400 races.18.

The Sprint Cup series is named in honor of NASCAR’s most recent series, the NASCAR Sprint Showdown.19.

The Pocono 400, a NASCAR Sprint Series race, is the first race of the season to be named after an actual NASCAR race.20.

The National Corvette Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and preserving NASCAR history, was founded by Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 2009.21.

The #20 Chevy Chase, named in homage to NASCAR’s greatest driver, was created in 2008 to commemorate NASCAR’s best ever driver.22.

The Charlotte 500, the first NASCAR race to be played in Charlotte since 1988, is an annual series that began in 2007.23.

The All-Star Race, the biggest and most prestigious NASCAR race in the world, is now played on the first Sunday in March.24.

The “Best of Charlotte,” a weekly NASCAR series hosted by ESPN, features a live chat show featuring NASCAR superstars and celebrities.25.

The Chevrolet Cruze is a car that has the distinction of being the only one to win a Daytona 500 race, a feat that is now held by only two other cars.26.

The Coca-Cola 500 is named so because of Coca-Cola founder, Ralph Lauren, who had the car named after him.27.

The 500 Hours of Sebring, a racing series that was created by NASCAR and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is often referred to as the 500 Mile Race.28.

The Chase for the NASCAR Cup is named based on a famous NASCAR race that occurred in 1956, when two NASCAR drivers went head-to-head in the Daytona 500.29.

The Bristol 500 is a series where drivers compete for a shot at NASCAR’s prestigious championship.30.

The Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, a race that began during the Daytona 200 in 1979, has since been renamed the Rolex American Le Mans 24 Hours.31.

The Talladega 500 is the only race to feature a total of four drivers competing for the championship.32.

The Winston Cup Series has four seasons in a row that feature four different drivers.33.

The LMP2 class is an open-wheel racing series where cars are limited to 250 horsepower.34.

The Formula 1 season is the longest in motorsport history, with 11 races lasting seven weeks.35.

The Grand Prix of Canada is a two-day race that takes place on April 7-8 in Quebec, Canada.36.

The GT Daytona Championship is an American-led series of GT racing, where drivers race for the title of the highest-scoring GT race.37.

The Blancpain Endurance Series is NASCAR’s largest series, with 13 races in 12 months.38.

The American LeMans Series, the fastest GT racing series in North America, is known as NASCAR’s longest running series.39

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