Why did Microsoft lose the internet war

Why did Microsoft lose the internet war

In the last few years, the Internet war has been going on between two companies: Microsoft and Google.

For many, Google has been the more dominant player.

But it’s also the smaller player, and as the war has dragged on, the bigger player has begun to dominate.

But with each passing day, it seems Google is taking a back seat to Microsoft.

Now, a new book, The Lad: How Google’s dominance of the internet is changing the way we live, work, play, and connect, tells the story of this long and sometimes bitter battle. 

This article first appeared on Techdirt.org and was reprinted with permission. 

[Editor’s Note: The author of this piece is the writer/producer of the podcast, The Big Picture.

He is a regular contributor to the Techdirts Podcast, which has been nominated for the “Best of the Year” award.]

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