What the #Colts have done for #NFCB | @NCAAFootball

What the #Colts have done for #NFCB | @NCAAFootball

We don’t often talk about the depth and breadth of talent in the National Football League, but when it comes to the best college basketball teams in the country, we do.

The ACC, which has the best overall record in college basketball, has three of the top four teams in college hoops in three different categories.

Clemson and Kentucky have a combined record of 46-10, while Duke is 27-10 and Duke has a record of 45-15.

The SEC has three teams in that top five, LSU has a 14-3 record, Alabama has a 17-1 mark, and Florida has a 10-5 record. 

College basketball teams are not the only elite program in college football. 

In basketball, the conference championship game is the most important event of the season, but if you don’t win that one, you’re in trouble. 

That being said, the top teams in basketball are the best in college sports. 

The ACC and SEC have the best records in the sport, and in the end, you could argue that the Big Ten has the most talent in college athletics. 

With the ACC having a record in the top 10 in the Big 12, it seems that there is a clear consensus in the conference about the best teams in football.

That’s the case for Clemson and Louisville. 

It’s also a case for Notre Dame, Duke, Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan State. 

While Notre Dame has some of the best talent in football, it’s a conference that is always at the top of the standings. 

Notre Dame is also in the mix in the ACC, and will be in the same position if Clemson wins the ACC championship. 

Kentucky and Duke have some of their own top talent, and both teams have a great record.

However, there is some concern about the teams. 

Nebraska and Kansas are two teams that are a bit of a different story. 

For starters, they are a team that has some young talent, but it is not as deep as the ACC and the SEC. 

Kansas is ranked No. 2 in the nation in total defense, and is the No. 6 ranked defense in the league. 

KU is the second team in the SEC to win the Big Eight, so they are always in the running. 

But they also have some young players who are not always on the field, which is always a concern. 

Clemson has one of the deepest rosters in the game. 

They have seven freshmen and seven sophomores on their roster, and they are all very talented. 

A lot of the guys that are at Clemson are going to have to earn their spots in the rotation. 

There is a lot of hype surrounding the ACC.

The top four schools in the field all have some sort of major recruiting class, and it is going to be very interesting to see who gets drafted in the first round. 

This is a tough schedule for Clemson. 

Duke and Syracuse are both coming off of big wins. 

These teams have both beaten ranked opponents, but Duke is coming off a big win against #8 Kentucky, while Syracuse has a big game against #15 Michigan. 

Georgia and North Carolina are both top 10 teams in their respective conferences. 

Both of these teams have some good talent on their rosters. 

NCAA: Kent State, North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Notre Dame SEC: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Vanderbilt Pac-12: Washington, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Colorado, Colorado State, Washington State, Arizona, Utah, Colorado Tech, Utah State Big 12: Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor, TCU, Kansas, Kansas State, Kansas Tech, Kansas-Pine Bluff ACC: Cleo, Clemson Big Ten: Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin Pac 12: -Oregon, USC SEC East: -Mississippi, South Alabama, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Georgia Pac West: -California, Fresno State, Utah South: -Louisville, Texas Big East: Cincinnati, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire Big West: Sacramento, New Orleans, Philadelphia Pac12 West:  Arizona, San Diego State, San Jose State, UCLA Sun Belt: -Georgia, Louisiana-Lafayette, Southern Mississippi Sun: -New Mexico, Tennessee WAC: Alabama, Auburn, Boise State, Georgia Tech, Idaho State, LSU WEST: -Washington State, Fresno, Oregon SEC West: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia State, Missouri, Mississippi State, South Dakota State ACC Coastal: -Florida State, Tennessee State, Florida Atlantic, Notre-Dame, Florida ACC Atlantic: -South Carolina, Syracuse, Syracuse WV

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