When the playoffs come around, how will the best team in the NFL stack up against the best teams in the league?

When the playoffs come around, how will the best team in the NFL stack up against the best teams in the league?

Written by David Rolfes on Tuesday, February 19, 2017 at 06:27:02We will get there.

We’ll get there when the NFL playoffs are over.

But we will never know until then.

The NFL’s best teams are the ones that are not the best.

The best teams tend to beat the best, and they have never been the best because of the sheer volume of talent on each team.

We all know that.

We also know that the best quarterback in the game, Tom Brady, is not the greatest player in the world.

That title belongs to Russell Wilson.

That’s right.

Wilson is not a great quarterback, or a great player, in any sense of the word.

He is a great passer who plays with great grace, which has not been a characteristic of his career.

He has a natural talent to make plays, but he also plays with a sense of urgency and precision that is lacking in some other quarterbacks.

He is more than a good passer, though.

He can do more than any quarterback has ever done before.

We have seen this in football in the past.

It has always been the case.

But we will also see it again in the next few years as the league adjusts to the new, digital era.

For starters, the NFL has become a digital platform.

It is more about the moment than the present.

This is why NFL fans are now more likely to watch games online than ever before.

The most exciting moments are the most visible moments, and it is easy to see how the game will change when we see what is in store.

The other big change in the digital era will be the spread of digital media.

The NFL will become the NFL of digital video.

This means that players will now be able to watch their games on smartphones, tablets and PCs, and the game itself will be available on those platforms.

We will never have a game that is more immersive, more engaging and more entertaining than football.

We will never be able, as we did with football in 1995, to watch the game on our television screens.

But if we do, it will be because we are watching a game on a screen, rather than on our computers.

It is no secret that the NFL is in the midst of a transformation.

It will not just be about new players coming in to replace the players who have left, but also the return of veterans and the arrival of some very good new faces in key roles.

We know that a lot of the teams that were at the bottom of the standings last year are still going to be there.

And we also know they are still the same teams that played great football in 2015.

The biggest question is, will they be the same team next year?

We know that players, coaches and executives will be talking about how the league is in transition.

That transition will take place, for better or for worse, throughout the season.

The first major shift will take the form of the playoffs.

If you want to win the Super Bowl, you need to win 10 or 11 games.

You will need to do better than that to be successful.

The next big shift will come when the Super-Bowl begins, which is when the biggest game in the sport will start to take shape.

I don’t think it will take long before the most exciting game in football takes place.

I know that, for a lot that will take months, even years.

But I do think the Super bowl is going to come to the attention of a lot more people, which will make it easier for fans to watch it and more accessible to fans who don’t have the ability to watch other sports on a regular basis.

There are going to still be great teams on the other side of the ball, and those teams will be competing for the championship.

The Super Bowl will be an amazing experience for fans who have never seen it.

I don’t know if the Superbowl will become an event that takes place on a Sunday morning.

Maybe in October, maybe in December, maybe even in January, maybe it will begin in late February or early March.

But when it does, it is going be a big deal.

I think the most important thing is that the game becomes more entertaining, and fans who enjoy watching football, like myself, will find that it is much more enjoyable than watching the same game on the weekend.

The Super Bowl is the biggest football game in America, and as the game moves forward, we will see more of it.

And the more people who watch the Super, the more they will be able watch the NFL.

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