Windows 8.1.2 Update Notes: New Features, Fixes, and Improvements

Windows 8.1.2 Update Notes: New Features, Fixes, and Improvements

Posted November 10, 2018 07:59:31A new update has arrived for Microsoft Teams online.

It’s the latest version of the online collaboration app and brings a slew of new features to help you work together in groups.

Here are the highlights:We’re bringing you the latest updates to our Teams for Windows 8 app, including:A new version of Teams for Microsoft Windows 8 comes to Windows 10.

We’re rolling out a new build that adds support for the new Windows 10 app and the new Microsoft Teams on Xbox.

We also introduced a new feature called Team Viewer for Windows on Windows 10 that lets you easily browse and search for Teams members, their teams, and their Teams pages.

We’re rolling an updated version of TeamViewer to Windows on Xbox in the coming weeks, so if you’re looking for the best team viewer in the Windows Store, this update will make it even easier to access your Teams from the Xbox dashboard.

The updated TeamViewers for Windows 10 update is available in the Store for $14.99.

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