Which European champions will the most important European clubs face this season?

Which European champions will the most important European clubs face this season?

The top three European clubs are facing the most pressure this season.

Here’s a look at the key fixtures: – Chelsea v Swansea: The Blues will be aiming to bounce back from their 1-0 loss at Everton and have the potential to finish top of the Premier League.

– Man Utd v West Brom: The Baggies will be hoping to avoid their worst Premier League start since 2003 when they were relegated after finishing in 11th.

– Liverpool v Arsenal: The Gunners will be looking to return to the top of their league and secure a fourth successive league win, as well as a Champions League place.

– PSG v Bordeaux: This clash is expected to be a high-scoring affair with both sides looking to win the game.

– Bayern Munich v PSG: This is a match where Bayern will be under the spotlight after the loss of superstar Franck Ribery.

The hosts have been the most impressive team this season and the German side is also likely to be top of Europe.

– Real Madrid v Manchester United: This will be a battle of European champions, with both teams hoping to win their respective domestic titles.

– Barcelona v Atletico Madrid: The Spanish side is in the midst of a rebuild after a devastating relegation to the Segunda B in the 2015-16 season.

– Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich: Dortmund will be eager to stay in the top flight as they look to extend their domestic title success.

– Juventus v AC Milan: The Italian side will be seeking to return home to the Champions League as they face a tough trip to Juventus.

– Atlético Madrid v Arsenal (Tottenham Hotspur) – Sevilla v Arsenal, Sevilla 2-1 Atlética Madrid, Atlétic 3-2 Sevilla, Sevillas 1-2, Sevillos 2-2 Arsenal, Arsenal 3-1 Arsenal, Wenger 3-0 Sevilla Arsenal, Valencia 2-0 Valencia, Sevilles 3-3 Arsenal, Barça 2-3 Barcelona, Barca 2-4 Barcelona, Barcelona 1-1 Barcelona, Real Madrid 1-3 Real Madrid, Real 3-4 Real Madrid

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