The top 20 US teams of the 2020 Rugby World Cup

The top 20 US teams of the 2020 Rugby World Cup

A look at the top 20 teams that will represent the United States in the 2020 Rio Olympics, and what each one has to offer.


Australia: New Zealand Australia will host the 2019 Rugby World Series, and the team that ends up with the best record is expected to earn a berth in the Olympics.

This team, which also features the likes of Ben Smith and Luke Brooks, will have to do much better than Australia did in 2019, winning just one of the 12 games in which they played.

It was a bit of a fluke that they only managed to qualify for the tournament after a two-year gap, as they had to take out an exhibition match against France.

Their biggest threat came in the semi-final, when they managed to hold off a pack of Tonga to win in dramatic fashion.

They’ve never won a World Cup final, but they will have a good chance of doing so in Rio.


New Zealand: Tonga This team will probably end up with a medal, if not a gold medal, in the 2019 Rio Olympics.

The Lions were the first team to win a Rugby World Cups match in New Zealand, with the team winning their first ever match against South Africa in 2009.

Their first two victories came against the United Arab Emirates and Tonga, which proved to be a turning point for the Lions, as both teams improved in quality and form.


France: Scotland The French were the second team to finish second in the Rugby World Championships in 2019 after losing out to England.

They also have the talent to challenge for the 2019 World Cup title, but their best team was defeated by England, while they also had to face a pack composed of Tongas, Tonga and Argentina.

The result is that they lost the semi finals, and they only finished second to England in their pool.


France (2017): Tonga After finishing fifth in their group, Tongas finished on the losing side of their pool, with their best player, Jonathan Thurston, playing in the quarter-finals.

This left the French team without a medal. 

Tonga would end up winning the 2019 tournament in their best-ever tournament, beating Argentina and England, before being knocked out by New Zealand in the finals. 


Tonga (2017) After beating New Zealand to claim the 2019 trophy, the Lions had a hard time in the group stages of the tournament, losing to the All Blacks in the opening game of the competition.

They would finish third in the pool, but then lost out to South Africa, which would be their last World Cup appearance.


New England: Scotland The Patriots had a tough World Cup, losing out in the first round to New Zealand.

They have a strong rugby pedigree, but it was the New Zealanders that ended up with their first World Cup medal.

The Patriots have a lot of experience in the top ranks of rugby in the United Kingdom, with players like Ben Smith, Jonathan Joseph and Jamie Roberts having been in the national side for several years.


France-Netherlands: Australia The Australians finished third in their Pool A group in 2019 and were able to qualify to the World Cup through their win against South Korea in the last round.

Their most notable performance came against South Australia, as the Lions were able.e to beat the All Black pack, with two tries, one penalty and a penalty converted by James Hanson.


New South Wales: South Africa South Africa was a disappointing tournament for the Blues, who finished third at the 2019 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

They went into the final as one of four teams in Pool A, but were unable to get past Australia, who were the favorites to win the tournament.


England: Fiji England’s rugby history is far more than just one-off victories over teams from the United Nations.

The country was known for their rugby in World War II and the war in Vietnam, but was also one of those countries where they could not qualify for World Cup glory until they finished fifth in the 1950s.

The team that won the 1958 World Cup also had a great run, winning five of the six World Cups they played in.

Their greatest success came in 1964, when the team won the Rugby Championship.


Wales: Scotland Wales won the tournament in 1964 but fell to Australia in the 1960s.

They were able at the 1998 World Cup to win another tournament, the Rugby Champions Cup, before losing to Argentina in the final of the first ever World Cup in 1998.


New Zealander: Argentina The New Zealanders are another team to have a long history of success, having won a number of tournaments over the years, including the 1956 World Cup and the 1964 World Cup.

They finished fourth in their World Cup pool, losing the semi final to New York in their first game.


Argentina: France This was the year of the

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