‘The Big 10’ is no longer a joke – ESPN

‘The Big 10’ is no longer a joke – ESPN

The Big Ten will have a new name next season and a new league, according to a league source. 

The league will be renamed the Big Ten Conference. 

Teams are scheduled to report to the league office in Indianapolis in July, with the league announcing a new format and schedule on Thursday. 

ESPN is reporting the league will begin in 2020 and will expand to 10 teams, the largest conference in college football.

The Big Ten’s 10-team league was formed in 2021 to compete in the American Athletic Conference, the second-largest conference in the country behind the SEC. 

In 2020, the league’s conference champions were ranked first in the Big 12, the SEC and the Big 10. 

While the league currently has nine teams, it will soon be joined by the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12, with more to come in 2019. 

Major League Baseball has already announced that the league is expanding to 18 teams.

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