The best NBA team ever, team epic: Warriors

The best NBA team ever, team epic: Warriors

Legendary basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said his team the Golden State Warriors has a “great story” and he hopes to be remembered “forever”.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sport website in a special interview for this week’s Sport Extra special, Abdul-Jamal said his dream is to “keep playing in the NBA”.

He said he wanted to “make the game better and to continue to inspire others”.

“The thing that I think is the most important is to keep playing, keep playing for the fans, keep pushing the league forward, keep promoting basketball in general,” he said.

“It’s the most exciting time to be alive in this game.

The thing that keeps me up at night is the possibility that maybe we can continue to be successful, keep this team going.”

The Warriors have a great story.

We’ve got a great team and we’re going to keep winning and we’ll keep fighting for the championship.

“Golden State Warriors legend Kareems Abdul-Hamid says his team is one of the best ever, and is hoping to be immortalised in film “forevery” source Reuters – SENIOR REPORTING AND ANALYSIS OF THE SCHOOL EXPRESS 2  (November 20, 2018)A major challenge in the making for the Warriors is to come to terms with the fact that they won’t be able to retire the iconic “G” in honor of their team.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who played for the NBA’s Golden State teams between 1957 and 1964, spoke about his team’s future, saying it would be a “disappointing” loss.”

That was the “G”, the “I”, the ‘G’ in honor.

The ‘G’, I think, is not going to happen, we’re not going anywhere.

“If you remember that we won three championships, we did the playoffs for the first time in the history of the NBA, the NBA finals.

We did it because of the players, because of our coaches, because we have a fantastic story, we are so loyal, we have great loyalty to each other and we have such a great spirit of sportsmanship.”

But that’s not going be the case in the future.

“I think it will be a disappointment and a difficult one.

I think it’s going to be a big disappointment for the community.

I know a lot of people in the community, especially the younger generation, I know they’ll miss us.”

We will continue to compete, we will continue trying to get better, we’ll continue to do what we do, we still love the game and we still enjoy it.

“A tough road aheadA sad reality for Abdul-Jarbar would be that he would miss the team’s regular season and possibly the playoffs.

The Golden State franchise has already missed the playoffs in every year since the start of the modern NBA era in 1962.

But Abdul-Babs has played the last five years with the franchise that won three of the previous five NBA championships.

He is a key member of the franchise, who was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers for Jordan Hill last year.

The NBA legend said the franchise would be back in the playoffs this year.”

What we’ve got to do is get ready for the playoffs, we’ve had some tough games but that doesn’t mean that we’re in any kind of panic.””

We’re going through a tough time right now, but we’re still in a very good position.”

What we’ve got to do is get ready for the playoffs, we’ve had some tough games but that doesn’t mean that we’re in any kind of panic.

“You know, you’re going into a game like this with a big lead and a big deficit, and you’ve got all these guys, all these talented young players.

We’re just going to have to play our heart out, stay together and just stay positive and try to get it done.”

So yeah, we definitely have to have a good mindset and focus on the upcoming playoffs and try not to worry about that.

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