How to survive the zombie apocalypse in your hometown

How to survive the zombie apocalypse in your hometown

It’s no secret that zombies have become a problem in some parts of the world.

But one town in New Zealand has become particularly popular, thanks to a clever little marketing stunt that was designed to raise awareness for the pandemic.

The town of Nga’a has seen its fair share of zombie-related events, from an outbreak of the H1N1 virus in 2012 to the zombie-infested town of Tauranga in 2019.

Now, the town has made a big deal out of a zombie-themed event, dubbed the Zombie Party.

The event has raised $1,600 for the local community.

While it is a non-profit event, it is also a fundraising effort for the National Zombie Awareness Programme, which aims to promote awareness about the pandemics.

The organisers, The Zombie Party, said it wanted to raise money to help raise awareness about their town and to give locals a chance to have a fun time.

The team behind the event, called the Zombie Team, said they wanted to create a place for locals to have fun, with a zombie themed bar and bar crawl.

They wanted to give the town a bit of a scare.

“The thing about New Zealand is that it’s got a big population, so we’re trying to give people something to be scared of,” said Nga, who is based in the New Zealand capital Wellington.

“We wanted to get people up to speed about what’s happening, so they don’t feel so helpless.”

Nga’as main attraction will be a bar crawl, where participants will be invited to participate in a scavenger hunt, where they will be given a task to solve.

Nga said the bar crawl is a way to get locals involved and help them make sense of the situation.

“We have a bit more of a mental game than we might get to in other parts of New Zealand,” she said.

“What do we need to do in order to survive, to get our supplies?”‘

It’s a big step in the right direction’The team has made the Zombie Parties available to all of New England, and it is hoped they can help raise some money for the Nga community.

“It’s definitely a big leap in the wrong direction,” Nga said.

“But hopefully that’s a step in right direction.”

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