How to find out if you’re eligible for the latest round of beer and cider competitions

How to find out if you’re eligible for the latest round of beer and cider competitions

You don’t need to have a beer or a cider at home to compete in the latest beer and ciders competitions.

These competitions take place every three months, and there’s no time limit on the number of entries.

The winner is announced on Sunday, January 20, and will be crowned at the event.

Here are the rules for the next batch of competitions: Each event takes place at a different venue in the UK.

All the entries are judged by a panel of experts who are blind to the participants and the brewery that they are competing for.

The judging panel will choose the best entries, and the winner is crowned.

The beer and wine competitions can be found in the same calendar year as the other beer and drinks competitions, which are held at the same venues.

The winners are announced on Monday, January 21.

Winners of the new competition are announced in a special announcement on Monday.

The Beer and Cider Beer & Wine Competition The Beer & Cider competition was founded in 2014 to showcase the variety of styles and flavours in the beer and Ciders category, which is also known as craft beer.

The beers that make up the category are a mix of Belgian, English, American and Scottish styles, including traditional favourites like Old Bay and Stone’s Amber Ale.

There are also some new beers to try, such as a sour ale from Blackpool brewery, called St George’s Ale.

The competition is open to anyone who’s aged their beer for at least five years, and is open for both home and commercial brewing.

This means that you don’t have to be a professional brewer to enter.

The competitions will run from January to June, and each entry is judged by the same panel of professionals, and winners are crowned on Sunday.

There is a $1,000 prize pool, but the most successful entry will receive a $500 gift card.

The first batch of competition entries will be awarded on Friday, January 24, at 8am.

All entries must be submitted by Monday, February 4.

There’s no limit on how many entries you can submit, and you can also submit as many entries as you like.

The winning entries will then be revealed on Monday at 8pm.

There will be two finalists, and they’ll be crowned on Monday night.

You can also sign up for email notifications for the competitions, and receive a list of winners on the following day.

The Competition Rules For more information on the competitions go to beer and coke competitions.

The next round of the Beer & Coke competition is due to be announced on Thursday, February 10.

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