Why it’s so important to watch the NFL’s pre-season opener: “It’s the first time in history that the players are in uniform”

Why it’s so important to watch the NFL’s pre-season opener: “It’s the first time in history that the players are in uniform”

The NFL is taking the pre-game festivities one step further than the past.

On Saturday, fans can watch the first preseason game on the big screen at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

In honor of the newscast, FOX Sports will stream the game for free.

“The preseason is just the beginning of what we can do in terms of building an incredible brand and making it accessible to a new generation of fans,” NFL VP of digital marketing and partnerships Dan Rogan told Fox Sports.

“We have so many great products and we’ve always had great partnerships with the NFL.

But we’re not going to stop now.

We’re going to continue to grow the brand and make sure it’s accessible to as many fans as possible.”

In addition to the live stream, the league has partnered with the streaming service Hulu and other streaming sites to provide the game with exclusive content and features.

“We want to make sure that fans are not disappointed, that they can’t miss it,” Rogan said.

The game will kick off with the San Francisco 49ers beating the New England Patriots in the opening game of the preseason.

Rogan expects a lot of action in the second half of the game.

“This is a game that’s going to go down in history,” he said.

“It might be the first game of a new era for the NFL, but we’re going in there with the mentality that we’re all about the game.”

Check out our full preview of Sunday’s NFL preseason game here.

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