NFL playoff teams: Which teams will make it to the NFL playoffs?

NFL playoff teams: Which teams will make it to the NFL playoffs?

The NFL playoff picture is pretty much the same as it was last season.

It will have at least one team in the playoff picture (or will have two teams in it), with one team from each conference getting at least a bye in the regular season.

The other teams will be the NFC East and AFC North.

The AFC South will be made up of two teams from each division (and two teams each from the AFC North and NFC East).

The NFC West will consist of two of the three teams from the NFC South.

And the NFC West teams will all be in the playoffs.

That leaves us with the AFC West, which has the best odds of making it to a wild-card game, thanks to a combination of the league’s schedule and the number of wild-cards it will have.

The AFC West has been a favorite to make the playoffs since the first wild-Card round, but with only two wild-Cards left (the Giants and Raiders), that’s no longer the case.

The Titans are in a similar position, having won three straight and clinched home field advantage with a 10-6 win over the Chiefs.

That’s also not a great picture for the Browns, who won their last two games without Andrew Luck and are on pace to finish with a .500 record in the next few weeks.

The NFC East, meanwhile, has three teams in the wild-chase (and, presumably, two more in the postseason), with the Giants (a wild-and-home favorite) and Rams (another home favorite) tied for the second wild-favorite.

The Saints, 49ers, 49er-Bills and Eagles all have home-field advantage.

The Packers have the best chance of making the playoffs with their home field in the NFC, and the Packers are also a home favorite for the NFC North, which is split between the NFC Central and NFC South, with the Packers in the top spot.

The Falcons and Seahawks will each have home field, with only one wild-or-home-road game remaining.

The Broncos are a wild team, with a home-road advantage over the Rams.

Finally, the NFC Southwest, which includes Arizona and San Diego, is in the midst of a six-game losing streak and will need to win at least two more games to avoid a wildcard spot.

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