Big 12 teams are getting cool team names

Big 12 teams are getting cool team names

Big 12 football teams are going the extra mile to help fans celebrate big moments and to create the coolest team names.

According to the Big 12 Football Club Blog, the conference has launched a “cool team name” contest.

The league has partnered with four different online retailers to promote its brand of football.

The four finalists will be chosen by fans.

The winning team will be featured in a print ad in the Big Twelve newspaper, The Advocate, on the league’s official website.

The “coolest” team name from the four finalists is currently being shopped by two retailers.

The finalists include:Houston, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Kansas City, Missouri.

The winner of the contest will be announced at a Big 12 Media Day on June 12.

The Big 12 Conference has not announced how many teams will be eligible for the contest.

For the past five years, the league has launched the “Big 12 Football Coaches” contest in which it encourages teams to develop a logo.

The contest asks teams to submit their own logo designs for consideration.

The finalist logo design gets a shot at being used as a logo for the Big12 football program.

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