Indian cricket team to debut in 2019, wang to be the dream team

Indian cricket team to debut in 2019, wang to be the dream team

India’s national cricket team will debut in 2022 in a bid to raise awareness of the plight of the endangered wild buffalo.

The dream team is a collective effort led by a wang of the Indian Association of Bovine Husbandry (IASB), a leading organisation for the welfare of the animals, who is spearheading the campaign, said a release from the International Council of Conservation of Nature (ICCN).

India’s indigenous buffalo population is on the verge of extinction, with the world’s largest herd being wiped out in the wild by poaching and habitat loss.

India’s wild buffalo population has been declining rapidly due to a combination of habitat loss, poaching and climate change.

According to WWF, there are about 40,000 wild buffalo in India.

India is the world leader in the cultivation of wild buffalo, and the Indian government has made the cultivation mandatory for farmers to ensure their livelihoods.

The Indian government also plans to release the wild buffalo into protected areas as part of a nationwide conservation plan.

The IASB released a statement saying the aim of the campaign is to highlight the plight and suffering of the wild animals and to promote their rehabilitation.

The campaign will also seek to raise public awareness about the welfare and protection of wild animals.

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