When Portugal’s Djokovic says he wants to be a world champion – in two words

When Portugal’s Djokovic says he wants to be a world champion – in two words

Djokovics father, father-in-law and now manager, has been making a name for himself as a global player in the sport of tennis. 

When he is not playing the game he is a successful businessman who is currently on a book tour in South Africa.

The 44-year-old, who was born in Portugal, said on Thursday he wants the world to know how much he is enjoying life here and he wants people to know that he is looking forward to making his first grand slam appearance.

He said he has already been talking to people from other countries, and the response has been good.

“I am going to go out there with my family, my wife and my children,” he said, referring to the tournament in his native Portugal.

“There are many people from different countries and they are coming out to see me and my family.

It is going to be an honour for all of us to play.”

Djokovic said he wanted to go to the US to see his wife, a native of Spain, and his daughter, who is about to enter high school.

He also said he had not decided whether to enter the US Open, a tournament he has said he will not attend, as he feels it is “too big” for him.

Djokeovic, who has a US Open win on his CV, said he wants “to be a great player in every sport.”

He said he would love to play in the French Open or Wimbledon. 

“If I get to play, I want to be the best.

I would love it,” he told reporters.”

If there is a tournament, it would be a nice opportunity to go there and win it.”

Djerome Ibarra, the president of the Spanish Tennis Federation, welcomed the news, saying the Portuguese was the most promising player in his country. 

Djoker is playing in his second Grand Slam, his first in four years, after losing to Australian Andy Murray in a semi-final. 

The Portuguese has won the past four Grand Slams but was the second player to lose to Murray in his career in 2015, with his first defeat in Paris-Nice on the final day.

“It is very, very special for us, because Djoković has won three times in his first six years, but only one in the past two years.

He is one of the most important players in the history of the sport, and we are proud to be associated with him,” said Ibarre.

Djeromé has made five grand slams in the last four years and is the first player to win two titles in the same season. 

His father, Jorge, played for the national team during the Portuguese’s playing career, and he was also a member of the Portuguese team that won the 2014 European Championships. 

Last month, Djokouvs father-son team reached the last round of the French Masters in Marseille, France, beating Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal in straight sets to earn a record sixth Grand Slam title. 

But Djokos win came against a field of five world champions, including world number one Novak Djokic, who won last year’s French Open title.

Djamomé also defeated Andy Murray by six sets to win his second French Open.

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