MLB Teams Meet for First Meetings of 2018

MLB Teams Meet for First Meetings of 2018

A day after the MLB teams met in Miami for the first meeting of the new season, it has been announced that the league is bringing back the annual Big Three Show.

 The first meeting was held on September 16 and featured the Cleveland Indians, the Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays.

This year the format will be the same as the previous one, except the teams will be joined by the National League West and the American League East.

There will also be the usual three-team play-in game that was a staple of the last meeting, but it is expected that the teams won’t play the same number of games.

The first game is scheduled for October 10, and the second will be held on October 15.

It is expected to be a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Washington Nationals, but the game will be postponed due to Hurricane Irma.

According to, the league will also use the first two games to prepare for the American National League, which will include a pair of exhibition games between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The first Big Three Meetings will take place on September 20-21 in Miami, Florida, followed by a second Big Three meeting on October 5-6 in Chicago, Illinois.

A list of teams that have been invited to participate is available here.

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