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GPRS Tracking System For Vehicles

A Marvelinfosys develops a unique niche for your domain of trading and distribution of the quality range of vehicle GPRS tracking system with advanced technology and high quality featured application.

Ultra Responsive Design


Marvelinfosys designed GPRS tracking system with responsive design mainly for transportation business! If you are thinking to start a new online business in transportation with new technology and new concept then our application is the solution for you. You can track your vehicles like trucks and cars with the help of this application.

Best features with the latest technology

We provide GPRS tracking system with high-end technologies and best features to manage your application. We provide both the iOS and Android version. It can be used to track your vehicles and for security purpose of your vehicles. You would like the functionality of a two-way system of communication between dispatchers and drivers and the ability to track location information. It truly allows the business to operate at higher efficiency and create a much more lucrative bottom line.


Booking System

 – Hotel and Restaurant booking  – Hotel and Travel booking business will grow fast with the help of such hotel and restaurant booking software by Marvelinfosys with latest technology and features.

– Movie booking– If you are working with an entertainment business than our movie booking application will help you. Our movie booking application is low cost and also efficient.

– Railway and Air ticket booking-Traveling business need software like railway and air ticket booking along with hotel and restaurant booking application. We provide it with the best design and features.

– Ride booking -It helps for a business of riding cars. Our riding booking application connects the driver with riders with a tracking system. Today is the era of online booking, so this application is designed with the latest technology and best features with responsive design.

E-commerce Application

Starting online business to sell your amazing product is a very good idea.Marvelinfosys provides you E-commerce application with best features and excellent admin features.Your ideas and hardwork need application with latest technology.

Marvelinfosys provides E-commerce application with 99.99% uptime, 24×7 support system, mobile commerce ready and fraud prevention.Also integrated with easy payment gateway according to your requirements.Our application is SEO friendly and responsive design.With high featured admin panel you can manage products,price and clients.

Voice over IP Application

For a reliable, scalable, easy-to-manage VoIP and data bundle that integrates all of your voice and data communications across locations choose Integrated Voice and Data services from Marvelinfosys.Hosted security offers you end to end security solution that is very affordable and easy to use.

Hosted PBX of Marvelinfosys gives you superb VoIP quality while simultaneously  reducing your initial and outgoing calls.Hosted PBX gives you fantastic infrastructure by insuring best features and functionality available with upgrades.

Built on the foundation of your existing IP-PBX system, SIP Trunking lets you enjoy the benefits of unified communications. By bringing together your data, voice and Internet over your IP connection, you can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve network capacity.

Multi Level Marketing Softwares

The Multi-Level Marketing business i.e. MLM is a kind of direct selling business which not only sale the products but also connects peoples with each other in a kind of network. As the MLM business grows and connected huge people in the network it is not possible to manage the data of customers manually. It needs accurate and best software to manage all the customers or networkers hierarchy information. Marvelinfosys provides services in this regard to develop MLM Software for your network marketing business. Marvelinfosys have many technically skilled and expert engineers and software developers to provide you the best MLM Software for your direct selling business. Marvelinfosys’ team will provide support to our clients after providing the software. We have 24×7 services to manage your software so that your business does not suffer.

School Software

Marvelinfosys provides software for schools to manage data, result, details, fees and other things as per your requirements. With Marvelinfosys’ school management software, you can manage faculties, students, fees, courses, books, library, and reports very well. Everything is automated. You can also manage school schedules. Also, we can customize your school application used currently to work better as per your requirements.